Vignerons en vallée de la Loire
Vignerons en vallée de la Loire

The Tue-Bœuf estate

  • Le Clos du Tue-Bœuf has a centuries-old history… Traces of this vineyard of 11 ½ arpents, located at the lieu-dit “Le Tue-Bœuf” in Les Montils, first appeared back in the Middle Ages.

    History tells that wines produced at Le Tue-Bœuf used to delight the royal tables, and that Francis I and Queen Claude were particularly fond of them. The precious wine is also mentioned during the reign of Henry III.

    Having been present in Les Montils since the 15th century, the Puzelat family (formerly “Puzelatz”), may then well have something to do with this ancestral know-how…

    True or not, Jean-Marie and Thierry took their time in taking over Le Clos du Tue-Bœuf. Both rather chose to pace vineyards up and down individually, in France and abroad, before returning to the family estate.
    Jean-Marie was the first to make up his mind: after several years of experiences in Champagne, punctuated with travels, he took over the vineyard in 1990.
    Thierry waited a bit longer. After having pampered Saint-Emilion and Bandol vines and left for Montreal for a while, he came back to Les Montils in 1994.

    Since then, Le Clos du Tue-Bœuf consists of Jean-Marie and Thierry – the Puzelat brothers.


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