Vignerons en vallée de la Loire
Vignerons en vallée de la Loire

Japanese sakés

  • Daina

    This brewery is located Northern Japan, in the Tochigi prefecture – a wild, mountainous region. Its numerous springs of very pure water provide the local table water and ensure the brewing quality of this sake. The rice is produced by the brewer.


    Located in the Niigata prefecture – which is famous for its dry and fine sake production – this brewery is known for using only one variety of indigenous rice called Goyakumangoku. The rice is grown without pesticides, fungicides or herbicides. It also specializes in parcel-specific sakes.


    This brewery located near lake Biwa is the current leader of organic rice production in Japan. Its paddy fields are models of biodiversity, where a frog species thought to be extinct can be found. The organic growing method induces a higher nitrogen content in rice, giving it extra taste and strength. This is a vintage cuvée to lay down.

  • Tosa-Shiragiku

    This brewery is located in the Kochi prefecture, in southern Japan. Its dry, lemony character marries well with skipjack tuna, a regional specialty.
    Its producer was a disciple of great the brewer Toyo-Bijin. The paddy fields are conducted in an exemplary manner.


    This brewery located in the Ibaraki prefecture, 100 km away from Tokyo, has just been taken over by a new generation open to cleaner production methods. This young brewer’s sakes are up to his high working standards. A good example of the current realization in Japan that the industry is killing diversity.